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genus Vaccinium

One of the few fruits that is native to North America happens to be the species above, or as we like to call them, Blueberries.  Indian tribes in the Northeast nearly worshipped this tiny blue food and knew how to preserve them.  The blossom, shaped like a star, gave rise to a Native American legend that “star berries” appeared right when a tribe was close to famine and would save them.  Tthe fruit also has medicinal benefits–making it into a tea was known to be good for severe coughs.

In 1620, after those intrepid settlers from England made a home along the Massachusetts shore, the Native Americans in the area introduced themselves, as we know from our history books.  The “first Thanksgiving” that was the result of the sharing of crop successes included one very native crop–blueberries.

Today, blueberries have over 400 varieties, grown down South and as far north as the Arctic.  They are sometimes called partridgeberries or cowberries, whortleberries or sparkleberries.

Blueberries abound at the Publick House Bake Shoppe!

Some of the things that can be made from blueberries include Blueberry Cheesecake Bites, Blueberry Coleslaw, Blueberry Mayonnaise, Blueberry Omelet, Lemon, Blueberry and Chicken Salad, and Blueberry Dumplings.

Why are we going on about blueberries?  Coming up on June 29 is our Blueberry Cream Pie day!  Believe me, it is overwhelming happiness for the sweet tooth–Blueberry Cream Pie. Yum…flakey pastry crust, overstuffed with fresh chilled blueberries and topped with a generous helping of freshly whipped cream.

On June 29, the Publick House is offering $21.95/pie, and $6/slice, both sold in the Bake Shoppe. But be sure to pre-order your pies as they go really fast. You will want to take one home for your summer picnics. Trust us, you will want to order more than one!

Check out this blog as well–it was from 2010 and mentions the Publick House and has a variation on the very New England Blueberry Pie!!

Call the Bake Shoppe today and order yours–508-347-3313.

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What a great day!

Yesterday the Publick House was surrounded by Spring. It was a beautiful Easter Sunday even though the weather was a bit cool.  Inside the Publick House, guests, many of them repeat guests, enjoyed a wonderful holiday dinner with their loved ones.  From parties of two and three up to groups of 13 and more, the atmosphere was festive and bright–a sure sign of the seasons changing.

So many happy people enjoying each other at the Publick House!

A great buffet awaited hungry guests.  Massive cooked shrimp with tangy sauce, green salad with maple dressing, Caesar salad, clam chowder, mashed potatoes, tortellini in tomato coulis, turkey, stuffing, braised lamb, chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, ham, roast beef…delicious!

Easter basket ice sculpture on the buffet

The hotel was humming throughout the day and it was wonderful to see people lingering in order to talk with each other, hugging family and friends, telling anyone who would listen how much they loved everything.  Most importantly, people made plans to return next year.  And we can’t wait to see you again!

So long....farewell! We look forward to seeing you at another event!

It’s not too early to think about Mother’s Day!  We can’t wait to see you and your family back at the Publick House!

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Piece of History

The Publick House Historic Inn has such a wonderful history. It is on our website and has been mentioned in other places but it is definitely worth mentioning again here…

Publick House Historic Inn--taking its rightful place in Massachusetts history

It is important to note that Sturbridge became a popular stop for many because the old Boston Post Road ran through town. As a matter of fact, in 1754, when Benjamin Franklin was deputy postmaster of the Thirteen Colonies, he inspected many of the colonial Post Offices and used the Boston Post Road as his main thoroughfare.  Most likely, Franklin passed right by or maybe even stopped into the Publick House.

Located right on the common, the Publick House was a favorite stopping place for all who passed by. The inn’s founder and keeper, Colonel Ebenezer Crafts, made frequent rounds and saw to it that each guest was satisfied and comfortable. In 1824 the tavern and the common were visited by General Lafayette and his son, George Washington Lafayette.

The Marquis de Lafayette--a visitor to the Publick House

Colonel Crafts has left his equestrian profile on the Publick House’s familiar sign. His legacy is one of majestic elms and maples shading the picturesque grounds. Of course, his spirit of uncompromising good taste and hospitality covers every greeting, eating, and meeting at the Publick House.

Publick House sign with Colonel Crafts on his horse.

We look forward to seeing you here–as you join 250 years’ worth of visitors and guests to this historic building!

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Easter at the Publick House

Even though there is snow on the ground, we at the Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, still turn our faces toward Spring.  And what better way to start Spring than with our Easter buffet.  Although we are pleased that the event gets raves every year, it’s not only about the food…it’s about the regulars that come back year after year.  It’s about the comaraderie of the staff who work on the holiday, making sure the number one priority is the comfort and satisfaction of every guest at our table.  It’s even about the little chicks who make an appearence in our hotel during that time: the oohs and aahs from adults and children as they see the little feathery creatures under the safe, warm lights.

Get Ready for the Baby Chicks at the Publick House

On Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, we have two great Easter meals for you to attend.  First is the Easter Breakfast Buffet from 8am-10am.  The menu is below and the cost is $15.95 for Adults and $9.95 for Children ages 3-12.

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad

Assorted Fresh Publick House Breakfast Pastries

Assorted Cold Cereals

Scrambled Eggs

Ham and Cheese Strata

Bacon and Sausage

Corned Beef Hash

Home-Fried Breakfast Potatoes

Omelet Station

Belgian Waffles, served with Whipped Cream,

Strawberries, and Maple Syrup

Apple Dumplings

Coffee, Tea, Juice or Soft Drink

The second event is our Easter Dinner Buffet served from 10:30am-6:30pm.  The cost is $32.95 for Adults and $13.95 for Children 3-12. The menu is way too extensive to list so here it is. Some of the highlights are:  a variety of salad choices, poached shrimp, smoked salmon, antipasto, New England Baked Scrod, Braised Lamb, Turkey, Tortellini, Clam Chowder, Prime Rib, Ham, a Children’s station,  and an assortment of delicious and decadent desserts.

Carving Station at the Easter Dinner Buffet

Reservations are reqired and the buffet seatings fill up quickly, so please call 508-347-3313.  We look forward to seeing you here for this time-honored tradition!

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